The Conversation of Our Very Hearts

If you would have asked Chelsea and I (Erin) ten years ago, if we would ever co-host a podcast together, we would have laughed at the sentiment. Not because we didn’t foresee ourselves doing some sort of work together at some point after our meeting in a religious organization over 16 years ago, but because even to the casual observer, Chelsea and I have different operating systems. 

   Chelsea is level-headed, reliable, trustworthy, dependable, and I’m her free-spirited, overly passionate best friend who should frequently pay more attention to the words that I’m saying before I’m saying them. But somehow, the Divine intervened and found that it is actually these differences that make us wonderful spiritual companions in any journey that we have been on together.  Chelsea is diligent in ensuring we are always making intentional use of our time and is a lovely compass for some wayward creatives, like me. Everyone needs a friend like Chelsea. I mean it. 

But that really isn’t how all this developed… this podcast, I mean. A few years ago, Chelsea and I would check in periodically as long-distance friends often do. But rather than the conversation dying down after we gave the usual family reports, we would continue on in the conversation, often bearing our burdens, sharing our passions, and walking through grief. We found ourselves often back in the spirit of companionship listening and seeking the Divine in all facets of our lives. 

We always knew our friendship had a spiritual component to it. Oh, the stories we could tell from our adventures across the world! But, about two years ago, we decided it was time to do something with this spiritual energy that we carried so easily in conversation. I don’t know which one of us brought up doing a podcast, but at the time, it seemed only natural to talk to each other, with just a bit more focus and a larger audience. 

We have realized over the time period of Season One of the Contemplative Motherhood podcast, that podcasting isn’t just about having some sort of a platform, or talking while other people eavesdrop on what you’re sharing. 

A few months in, Chelsea and I realized that Contemplative Motherhood is an expressive art of the conversation of our very hearts. With each episode, we are inviting others to seek the Divine Presence in this beautiful yet messy chaos of motherhood. We can’t promise that every episode will appeal to you or that we are experts in getting this Contemplative Motherhood lifestyle right. But what we can promise you is that we will be authentic in sharing our struggles and triumphs. We will share what has helped us, what has hurt us, and areas we are growing. 

        So, dear friends, if you have listened to our podcast and are reading this message, please know that our hearts are for you. We hope that you are encouraged in each episode that you engage with us. Thank you for being here! 

With All-Encompassing Love,