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  • After the Show: Christian Desert Ammas
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    I feel this ‘After the Show’ Blog should be different. I have spent much time with these women as I’ve studied, explored, yelled at, cried with, and overall established a connection that has stretched my relationship with the Divine in ways I would […]
  • After the Show: Amma Rabi’a al-Adawiyya
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    I have been intrigued by Sufi mysticism (I don’t know if those two words go together or not but it’s how I understand this loving way of life- maybe philosopher is better?) since I met Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, or better known in the West as […]
  • Amma Ayya KhemaAfter the Show: Amma Ayya Khema
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    What I enjoyed most about recording this show was spending time with Amma Ayya. Because she is a contemporary I could feel connected to her and really could sense her mothering spirit. She always seemed like one of those mothers that when life got […]
  • ATS MiriamAfter the Show: Amma Miriam
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    What a fun episode to record! Amma Miriam has so much to offer us and I feel like we could write a book on how amazing she was and what we can pull from her.  I, especially, want to re-iterate that we are all Miriam’s in our own unique way, […]
  • The Conversation of Our Very Hearts
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    A few months in, Chelsea and I realized that Contemplative Motherhood is an expressive art of the conversation of our very hearts. With each episode, we are inviting others to seek the Divine Presence in this beautiful yet messy chaos of motherhood. We can’t promise that every episode will appeal to you or that we are experts in getting this Contemplative Motherhood lifestyle right. But what we can promise you is that we will be authentic in sharing our struggles and triumphs. We will share what has helped us, what has hurt us, and areas we are growing. […]